Montess Roadshows

Every party should have CAKE! Everybody loves cake! Oh, and a Theme.

Music and lights, Forget your sorrow let it all fade away, Forget tomorrow let's start livin' for today, Let us take you through a night of ecstasy…. Sophisticated and Stylish Mobile Disco Roadshows hosted by Montess and the team. Every Roadshow is bespoke to the occasion. And is backed by our promise of it shouldn’t cost the earth to have a good time.

Wedding Receptions.

Since 1980, we have provided reception entertainment to over 1000 weddings

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives, and why leave the entertainment to chance. Over a thousand weddings means we have the expertise to make your reception memorable for all the right reasons. So much so we’ve given it a whole page.

Supporting both the local and national communities has been a part of Montess-European, Montess Roadshows and Steve Knight’s Disco Roadshows since 1980. From provided pro-bono roadshows for a host of local and national Charities to donating profits every year to deserving local causes. Montess-Roadshows can help your charity raise awareness and much needed funds.