Every party should have CAKE! Everybody loves cake! Oh, and a Theme.

AND! "It shouldn't cost the earth to have a good time.”

So, “Here’s to the nights we don’t remember and the friends we won’t forget.” Every party needs Good Company, Drinks and Great Music! You bring the company and Drinks. We'll bring the music. Click here or call 07861-718961

How much do you charge?
Is the first question we are always asked and is always a major factor in whether a client reserves us is cost. Hiring a DJ for an event is never easy. Do you go with the expensive ones, as they must be good, or do you go budget? We have and cannot stress this enough been providing Disco Roadshows since 1980. And over that period, we reckon we have gained the experience to host any type of event.

We offer, high quality equipment, unrivalled expertise, unrivalled customer service, The best quality responsibly sourced music and videos. And we believe in our Motto.

All of our quotes are bespoke to the event, and whilst we understand that many clients on the initial contact just want a price. At Montess we ask all our clients one important question.

What is your Budget? As we believe that it shouldn’t cost the earth to have a good time.

Your Party Your Way
We could write charter and verse on how we’ll do your party! But, every party, every event and every occasion are different. So why hire us?

Great question. Well, we can’t express enough about the experience we have, Over Forty years of entertaining people just like you.

If we look back into our reservation archives, it is difficult to find a party type we’ve not performed at. The A to Z of parties, Anniversaries to even a Zydeco Party (Folk music. Please don’t ask.), Throw in a few or several unusual events such as Funeral Wakes, Murder Mystery parties. Or should that be the other way round. Kidding. We think we have it covered.

We know that all you want to do is dance the night away, Not listen to endless cackle from the fist pumping DJ, trying to club mix every song at ear basing volume and not have any of those important requests.

” Music! You need Music. Everyone has different tastes.” So, we don’t do the mundane and the repetitive floor fillers. We like and actually welcome playing those unusual, funky, alternatives and taking every request seriously. So, whether you like A cappella or Zydeco. The Classics, or Classical. We know we have it covered and will happily play it. Oh, don’t worry we have all those mundane and repetitive floor fillers as well if that is what you like.

“Create the right atmosphere and providing the right impressions”; we know the importance of creating not only the right atmosphere, but to provide the right impressions. We’re not there to fist-pump and shout look at us, but to represent you and to entertain your guests. The right music at the right levels for the right event. No two events are the same, different people have different ideas and expectations. Over forty years’ experience has taught us how to adapt, and meet those expectations.

But, all that aside, we remember whose party it is! YOURS. Yes, it is your party, and so many mobile DJs forget that important part! We remember the most important fundamental thing, It’s your party, not ours. So, it is your wishes and playlist that are fundamental.

Then, there is our personal Touch. Every booking receives a confirmation letter / Email, every reservation has is assigned a reservation manager. They will co-ordinate any of the clients’ requests, this could be specific music, tracks, timings, and the such. They will co-ordinate with the venue to arrange set up times, and site-specific health and safety aspects. Taking the hassles away from the client. And the client has access to the manager practically 24/7. To discuss any issues.

Corporate; What can we do for your business?

Since 1980, Montess has worked with not only amazing individuals, charities and some influential people. We have partnered some of the world’s most successful companies including GEA, Mars, Telefonica O2, Ferrari, DHL, Lanes Group and UCB. As well as some of the most prestigious hotels and hotel groups in the United Kingdom, Including Cliveden House Hotel, Danesfield, and The Grosvenor hotel group. To name just a few.

So, we believe we are well versed in corporate etiquette and are more than happy to the host for the whole evening welcoming guest speakers, comedians and bands, charity auctioneers and delivering key messages to guests and delegates.

But, that is not the whole extent of our corporate portfolio. Over the last forty years, we have not only hosted black-tie events, the odd corporate dinner dances, or spectacular Christmas and New year parties. Not only have we assisted our business partners with trade fairs, Exhibition stands, Product launches and Seminars. But provided Mobile entertainment for their community projects, carnival floats and carnivals. Company supported events such as open days.

We’re also more than happy to work alongside external production companies and other entertainers and can liaise directly with them on your behalf to discuss any technical requirements we may have.

We’re also proud to count within our portfolio, as being one of a handful of Mobile discos and Roadshows to work within the National Health and Buckinghamshire county council in offering our services to care and residential homes.


We are not “hooked on classics” when it comes to theme parties, you know the usual classic Themes, 60s, 70s, 80s, Motown, The 90s. For our clients, we have over the years, turned marquees into ballrooms, function halls into Ghostly pirate ships, complete with masts and sails holding the lighting rigs. School halls into Star Wars sets complete with laser lighting. Working alongside the organisers, we have designed stage shows to compliment loads of themes from Austin Powers to Zombies. Your Themed party Your Way. From the music to the lighting, we will not only perform. But our specialist theme team can suggest innovative ideas to enhance absolutely any theme. Even if you want the classics, Anything from the roaring twenties and Buggy’s Malone to the noughties.


Unfortunately we do not perform at under 18's birthday parties.

There is nothing in a young adult’s life like their Prom. Dressing to the nines, in tuxedos and prom dresses. Because unless you are like Penny from Big Bang Theory, who attended seven proms. this is a once in a lifetime event that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

All Proms should have a theme, whether it is A Night in Paris, or a Zombie Wonderland. Absolutely everything has to be right.

At Montess we work with the Prom organisers to achieve the perfect themed prom. From specially designed stage shows, to bespoke music. We aim to provide the best experience possible.

For more information call or email us.